To build a solid foundation for your business, you must first identify your typical customer and tailor your marketing

Multicultural Marketing Intelligence at Work

Marketing, Advertising, PR

Multicultural marketing (also known as ethnic marketing or cross-cultural marketing) is the practice of marketing to one or more audiences of a specific ethnicity…typically an ethnicity outside of a country's majority culture (general market).

Multicultural audiences are the fastest growing population segments, wielding increasing power and influence and will have a combined buying power of $3.8 trillion by 2017. – Ad Week

At TI, we help our clients acquire and retain these coveted and high growth potential clients, who may not be effectively reached with, traditional, general market campaigns.

Business Strategy

TI has in excess of 85 years of combined experience in business development, marketing, planning, sales, creative, advertising, shopper marketing, promotions and analysis. This dynamic experience level, coupled with our distinct multicultural background and deep immersion in the respective target markets allows our organization to deliver results oriented solutions for every client that we engage.

Cross Media Marketing

Our highly effective cross-media campaigns create an interaction or exchange with an important distinction. Through our campaigns, we open a line of communications or create a dialog with an existing or potential customer. Additionally, our cross-media campaigns produce results that are measurable through objective analytics. TI’s cross-media communications are structured to move the audience or prospect across the different media, using strong "calls-to-action" methods. Each touch point builds on an experience and the "narrative bridge" teases the prospect to investigate and move to the next platform. Our ultimate goal, with each campaign, is to create prospect conversion for our clients.


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